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Digital Placemaking Category

Reframing Digital Placemaking

by Dr Shawn Sobers Paul Clarke Will Taylor Grace Quantock Stephen Hilton Roseanna Dias TIM LYTC  and  Jon Dovey

Reframing Digital Placemaking - A conversation between the Fellows and Programme Director, Professor Jon Dovey, reflecting on the ideas and key themes to emerge from their work exploring the relationship between physical and digital places. Illustrations by Gary Embury. Videos by Jon Aitken

1 of 6 Introducing Digital Placemaking

An introduction to Digital Placemaking, the first themed pathfinder of this R&D programme, and each of the Digital Placemaking Fellows introduce themselves and their work.

2 of 6 Making Sense of Digital Placemaking

Exploring the language surrounding Digital Placemaking. Whose language is it and how does it frame our understanding and experience of places online and offline? What needs to change to open up the potential realities of Digital Placemaking to as wide a public as possible?

3 of 6 Hybridity: Between the Physical and the Digital

How can we occupy the digital layers of our lives, reclaiming not just physical spaces but online spaces? How do understandings of multiple subjectivities and lived experiences help us to personalise and make these spaces safe?

4 of 6: Digital Placemaking as Activism

What does it mean to think of digital infrastructure as public space? How do we hack online spaces as sites for activism? And how do we make space in digital layers for care and for rest?

5 of 6 Re/localising the Internet and Co-Designing Futures

What could a hyperlocal digital infrastructure offer and to whom? How do we ensure this approach embeds co-design with and for communities without exacerbating the digital divide?

6 of 6 Digital Placemaking - What Next?

What changes should we aspire to in future conversations about Digital Placemaking? How can we influence those conversations and emergent outcomes and the future of technological design? What new metrics and methodologies do we need going forward?