Roseanna Dias

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Roseanna is a producer interested in the crossover between creative practice, emerging technologies and inclusion. She nurtures new networks, talent and inclusive practices through creative engagement. Her research focus is on participation, co-creation and creating spaces of care. Roseanna wants to make the sector more equal and equitable for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic audiences, creatives and producers, whilst learning about and taking an intersectional approach.

Roseanna's work:

My practice and research focus on participation and co-creation and I believe in bringing people together to share experiences, spark conversation and feel connected. I'm interested in exploring collective processes for creative mapping and cultural networking within specific locations using digital technology to foster connectivity, collectivism, empowerment and entrepreneurship, in particular for young BAME creatives. Through my research I have written about my experiences of responsive research practices.

Hear more about Roseanna's project Spaces of Care in a three part podcast series here.

Articles by Roseanna Dias


28.03.24 Digital Placemaking

Spaces of Care in Digital Placemaking

by Roseanna Dias

Roseanna Dias Digital Placemaking Inclusion Fellow writes about her experiences of responsive research practices. Hear more about her project Spaces of Care in a three part podcast.

Cultural Ecology Workshop

28.03.24 Digital Placemaking

The Threads That Connect Us

by Roseanna Dias

Roseanna Dias is a Fellow for Digital Placemaking. Her interest is in the role of digital in collective, cultural networking. In her blog, she reflects on what it means to be thinking about inclusion as part of this programme.