Grace Quantock

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Grace Quantock is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, writer and non-executive director across social care, health and human rights. Grace’s work is embedded in the collection, processing, understanding and sharing of context, story and understanding of self and place.

Grace's work:

My research focuses on exploring how to influence appetite and aptitude for inclusive digital placemaking in those who hold cultural capital. My essay Electric Inclusivity tracks my thoughts during my time on the Fellowship. You can follow my research journey as a first gen disabled researcher via my monthly dispatches, listen to my podcast here or jump into the conversation on Twitter.

Articles by Grace Quantock

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28.03.24 Digital Placemaking

Anatomy of Conversation

by Grace Quantock  and Jazz Thompson, Grace Quantock & Linus Harrison

Techniques to support marginalised people to stay as safe as possible when seeking, producing and advocating for inclusion in institutions, arts, digital and technology spaces.

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28.03.24 Digital Placemaking

Electric inclusivity: Conversations, Stories, Invitations.

by Grace Quantock

An exploration in how can we assess and develop appetite and aptitude for inclusive digital placemaking in those who hold influence and resources?

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29.08.19 News

Exploring Inclusive Digital Placemaking

by Grace Quantock

I'm Grace Quantock and my research interest is inclusion in digital placemaking, particularly around appetite for inclusive digital transformation in policy makers and public services.