Lydia Cockcroft

Amplified Publishing Category

Beaming in the future of dynamic, personalised immersive publishing

by Richard Godfrey

19.01.22 Screen Industries

Investigating the Impact of Channel 4’s Move to Bristol

by Professor Andrew Spicer

30.11.21 Amplified Publishing

​​Redefining Personalisation & Interactivity in the Emerging Post Pandemic World

by Karolina Latka

26.11.21 News

Amplified Publishing Prototype Announcement

15.11.21 Amplified Publishing

Children’s Future Imaginaries

by Dr. Mel McCree

08.11.21 Digital Placemaking

A Fifth Twin for Bath: an Augmented Digital Twin?

by Stephen Hilton

08.11.21 Digital Placemaking

Researching Our Research

by Will Taylor