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Tim is a Bristol-based inter-disciplinary movement artist working in theatre, film and creative tech. Tim advocates for issues of gender, health, grief and belonging. Through increasing awareness of the body in relation to space, and embedding everyday embodied experiences into transforming spaces and creating new places.

Tim's work:

As a genderqueer Southeast Asian creative, I am actively exploring and researching how dance and movement can be integrated with different mediums, to make spaces safer for people who are Queer, disabled, immigrants, Black and People of Colour.

My research for Digital Placemaking is specifically looking at the potentials of creating safe spaces for Queer people through a combination of movement practices and emerging technologies. In response to this I created In-Between, a video based creative response to themes arising during my fellowship. Existing across different identities, often in-between spaces, can you transform this in-betweenness into your own place? This piece was filmed on a walkway between my home and the street, a liminal space where everyone just passes through, no one dwells or stays for long. I wanted to take up space and turn this area into a place I can express myself and move how I need to and want to.

Articles by TIM LYTC

Somebodys Child Film Tim Lo Photo by Elkie Rose Mc Crimmon 6 copy 2

28.01.22 Digital Placemaking

Moving through Digital & Physical Worlds


I’m interested in the overlapping and intersecting areas between physical movement and emerging digital technologies like VR and AR. The scope of liveness and illusion that create a sense of being transported from our physical location to somewhere different through the digital world, or of separate environments and bodies being brought into our physical space through the digital.