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Reframing Digital Placemaking

Monday 21 - Friday 25 September

Join the Digital Placemaking Fellows as they share ideas, insights and key themes to emerge from a year of deep thinking about possible future directions for Digital Placemaking.

At its core, digital placemaking aims to enhance and deepen the relationship between people and places. Over the last year the Digital Placemaking Fellows have explored this idea and questions about belonging, safety, hope and power in public spaces as they tried to think in new ways, reframing the relationship between our digital and physical realms in the 21st Century.

The following programme of content will be available from 9am on Monday 21 September:

From Monday 21st September

The Digital Placemaking Fellows in conversation with Prof. Jon Dovey

A filmed conversation between the Programme Director, Prof. Jon Dovey and the Digital Placemaking Fellows highlighting the key themes to emerge from their research. Illustrations by Gary Embury.

- Introducing Digital Placemaking

- Making Sense of Digital Placemaking

- Hybridity: Between the Physical and the Digital

- Digital Placemaking as Activism

- Re/localising the internet & Co-designing Futures

- Digital Placemaking - What next?

Live event: Friday 25th September, 1 - 2pm:

Pervasive Media Studio Lunchtime Talk – Localising the Internet

Around the world, corporate giants are aligning with governments and Local Authorities to create new “smart” digitally enabled streets, waterfronts and even new build cities. But where does the local community fit in, if at all? This talk will consider the perspectives of Digital Placemaking Fellows, Roseanna Dias & Stephen Hilton and Industry Partner, Mike Rawlinson, Director, City ID and lead on Digital Placemaking prototype, Popmap. Join us as they discuss localising the Internet and what a local digital city might mean to Bristol, Bath and beyond.

21 – 25 September: Daily Twitter Take Overs @Bristol_BathRD

Join each of the Digital Placemaking Fellows: Stephen Hilton, Roseanna Dias, Grace Quantock, Shawn Sobers, Tim Lo, Paul Clarke and Will Taylor as they introduce themselves and their research and pose questions of where that fits within the wider context of their work. Over this week our feed will be alive with conversations, from digital interventions that create spaces of care and future dreaming experiments for alternative built environments to how lived experiences of individuals can be included in conversations around policy making and public services. You can take part in the discussion by following @Bristol_BathRD