Expanded Performance Category

What Is Expanded Performance?

by Rachael Burton


Innovations in technology are changing every part of the performance landscape - from how shows are made and marketed to how they are captured and distributed. VR, AR, motion capture, 5G, spatialized audio and virtual worlds are just some of the technologies changing where a performance can take place, who the audience is, and how it is experienced.

We are interested in the concept of liveness and togetherness in the context of these changes in technology - focusing on the cluster’s twin strengths of theatre and live music, where similar questions are being explored but rarely shared. We are looking for ways to strengthen both sectors through knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The Expanded Performance cohort are connecting with expertise and research facilities across our programme partners exploring audience behaviour; intelligent visual technology (eg. motion tracking); embodiment; immersion; narrative; storytelling, the promotion of emerging technologies and commissioning world-leading performance.

We aim to amplify experimental work in Bristol and Bath, supporting festivals, venues and arts programmes by funding co-designed, relevant R+D. We want this Pathfinder to catalyse new productions, performances and products, encouraging further cultural and commercial investment and ticket sales. There will be funding available for R+D prototypes, which we will announce later in the year.