Enacting the Future Now

Enacting the future, now

Trying to make systemic change is really hard work. How do you escape the dominant structures of the moment? How do you navigate the tension between striving for a future that is different and addressing the urgent issues of the moment? How can you resource work that is inherently challenging to the status quo? What do you do when you make mistakes? This panel invites people that are trying to put change into action to share their stories.

Melz Owusu, Decolonial theorist and founder, Free Black University

Melz is the Founder of the Free Black University. They are an activist that works in a number of spaces such as; Black Lives Matter UK, decolonising education, and trans visibility. They are a multifaceted artist and academic, and their work explores the radical Black imagination and building transformative worlds. Their passion is research and they currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge exploring new visions for our collective world. Melz takes this decolonial analysis forward into all aspects of their life and work. Melz's work is influenced by their identity, being Black British, growing up in South East London, being a queer transgender person, and by the black women in their life.

Jo Lansdowne, Executive Producer, Watershed

Jo leads Watershed's Creative Technology team; supporting research activity, talent development and the resident community to deliver brilliant work. She is also Executive Producer of the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D project and the South West Creative Technology Network.

Jo joined Watershed as a Producer on REACT, a four year project based in the Pervasive Media Studio which connected creative companies and academic researchers. In that role she led the design and delivery of Sandbox, an R&D programme that supports people to experiment and produce new prototypes.

Further panel members to be announced.