Bristol+Bath Creative R+D is recruiting eight Digital Placemaking Fellows. We will recruit two Industry Fellows to work alongside two Academic, two New Talent and two Inclusion Fellows.

Each Industry Fellow will receive a £12k bursary to support their time and research costs.

Fellowships run for eight months from June 2019 to January 2020.

Industry Fellows will need to allocate a minimum of 24 days across the time, with four group workshop days in May and June.

Industry Fellows are people currently working within any industry that is, or could be, relevant to the development of Digital Placemaking. Industry Fellows will be selected for their experience, and creative and intellectual capacity to drive the theme forward. We imagine that Industry Fellows may already be working on this theme (or something related) within an organisation, and could use the bursary to support time spent on the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D project.

Before you apply:

  • Read about the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D project here
  • Explore our Digital Placemaking Pathfinder page
  • Read our ‘Examples of good digital placemaking’ article...


June & July: Theme Development

Initially, the cohort will take two months to deep think the theme of Digital Placemaking. Working alongside our key industry partners, they will explore what’s new and exciting, identifying challenges, potential and gaps in the market. The cohort will receive facilitation, producer support, and have time for individual research. At the end of this period, we expect to have developed a specific idea for development and a project brief.

August & September: Production Call Out

With the project brief confirmed, the next step is the production call out. We will open EOIs for SMEs, Start-Ups and Micros to respond to brief and work on production.

October-March: Pathfinder Production

Over this six-month period, the new product or service will be built and tested. There will be scope for prototyping events and workshops.


Throughout this time, there are ongoing activities that Fellows will be expected to feed into:

  • A monthly events programme: this is an opportunity for you to share your research or invite innovative speakers in the field
  • Research: we expect all Fellows to have a specific research question they will work on and share via publications or written/audio/video content.

March onwards: Showcasing & Sharing

This is where we share our work with the world. Depending on the production, showcasing may take place at festivals or events, online, or another suitable platform.

What do Industry Fellows get?

  • £12k bursary for 10 months of your time and research costs (trips, meetings and resources)
  • The time, space and resources to focus intensively on exploring an area of interest in the field of Digital Placemaking
  • A community of peers working in a similar area to share progress, questions and contacts
  • The opportunity to be part of an ambitious, collaborative production that explores the future of Digital Placemaking, making connections with others developing new work in this field
  • Skills development workshops
  • Opportunities to showcase your research and work via public events and publications
  • Close relationships and future collaborators through increased connections with people and projects in art, technology and academia across Bristol+Bath

Fellows will also have access to our partners at:

The CREATE lab: spatial cognition in physical and virtual environments, design and evaluation of technologies for children, exploring trust, security and identity in online environments.

CAMERA at the University of Bath: Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications.

Vision Institute at the University of Bristol: visual mechanisms and processes evolved in humans and other animals, and how they translate into innovations in technology, medicine and the creative arts.

Digital Research Culture Centre at UWE: based in the Pervasive Media Studio, with a mission to interrogate, articulate and create practical approaches to responsible technological futures.

What do we expect?

  • Willingness and enthusiasm to collaborate with the cohort of Fellows and other partners
  • Enthusiasm and ambition to develop ideas and an open, experimental approach
  • Participation in discussions, critiques and meetings with the producing team and Fellows
  • Ability to conduct independent research
  • A sharing of learning at public events (which take place monthly across Bristol and Bath). Fellows might produce ideas, storyboards, treatments, articles, presentations or blog posts, designs, provocations, thought pieces, research papers, or audience research.
  • Full participation in monthly get-togethers for Fellows, public showcasing and networking events, and contribution to co-produce briefs for the Digital Placemaking project spec. Other than that, Fellows will manage their own time. Throughout the programme, a producer will support you to structure your involvement
  • Some reflection and feedback on your time with us at the end of the programme

This is from SWCTN, need to think in terms of B+B R+D


Deadlines and Dates

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Friday 26 April, 2019
Every applicant will hear from us: by Friday 10 May, 2019
Interviews will be held on: Wednesday 15 & Thursday 16 May, 2019

Explore the section of the Fellowship you are most interested in and make sure you read the full brief. If you fit in to more than one category, please select the one you feel is most relevant to you - you may only apply for one type of Fellowship.