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Creative Workforce for the Future - Placement Call (deadline 8 Dec 2019)

Are you ready to work in the creative industries but struggling to get a foot in the door?

Do you need more experience? Professional contacts? More work for your portfolio? Mentoring to achieve your goals?

Apply for the Creative Workforce for the Future placement scheme. Deadline Sunday 8 December 2019.

Creative Workforce for the Future is a new programme by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and the European Social Fund (ESF). It will enable talented young people to gain the experience required to sustain creative careers in sectors such as film, broadcast, digital production, animation and post-production.

What will the scheme offer me?

  • You will receive a 48 week paid placement.
  • You will develop your experience, C.V., portfolio, industry contacts
  • You will have access to a Talent Network of peers offering opportunity, industry expertise and advice.
  • You will be connected to creative businesses and provide you with a dedicated mentor to work with you throughout your placements.
  • You will be equipped with the tools and know-how to sustain a career whether in employment or while freelancing.
  • In addition the companies you will be placed with will receive training to support them to become an employer that is more inclusive.

To check whether you are eligible to apply, please read the eligibility criteria below.

  • Phase One: January to July 2020

You will undertake a xx week placement at a cultural organisation in Bristol or Bath in the creative industries. You can apply to one of six cultural organisations. Each cultural organisation offers different experience on top of the key skills that you will develop across all of them. You can read about what sort of thing to expect at each hub at the bottom of this page. Read them carefully and consider which one hub will be the right fit for your skills and ambitions.

During your time at the cultural hub you will develop the skills to thrive in a creative business environment. You will be an active participant in a Talent Network with peers, which will provide further opportunities, industry expertise and advice. You will also receive support and guidance from a dedicated mentor who will work closely with you. You will meet regularly to discuss your career progression and further placements.

  • Phase Two: July to December 2020

You will spend 24 weeks at two small to medium sized creative media companies matched to your skills and interests.

During your placements, you might focus on a range of disciplines such as film, broadcast, digital production, animation, or post-production. Your mentor will continue working with you throughout your placements to support transitions, career development and your experience within the companies.

  • Phase Three: Post-placements

The Talent Network will continue to offer support and opportunities as you begin your journey into paid work in the creative industries.

If you apply for the scheme and are not selected to undertake a placement, you will be invited to become a part of the Creative Workforce for the Future Talent Network managed by Rife [link], with opportunity to hear about jobs, attend free masterclasses and events and connect with industry.

Am I eligible to apply?

You must be:

  • aged 18 - 30 years on first day of placement
  • a UK resident
  • have a National Insurance number registered at an address in the West of England (Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire)
  • NOT currently enrolled at University or at University when the placement starts
  • available for 4 days per week for the entire placement period (27 January to 31 December 2020).
  • able to demonstrate relevant training/skills for working in the creative industries, e.g. you have a University degree, BTEC, GNVQ or other vocational/practical course or relevant experience demonstrating skills, e.g. through work experience, an apprenticeship or training programmes such as Eight Creative Agency, New Creatives, BFI Film Academy, or a portfolio of outstanding work.

This is an affirmative action scheme, which means we are specifically inviting applications from those not currently widely represented within the creative industries in the region.

This scheme is therefore only open to those who are either/or:

  • from a Black Asian Minority Ethnic origin
  • identify as someone with a disadvantaged socio-economic background

(eg. Type of school attended at age 11-16, free school meal eligibility, parental experience of higher education, carer status, parental occupation when you were aged 14, parental housing situation when you were aged 11-16)

We are looking for young people who:

  • are eager to learn, develop new skills and knowledge, and actively participate in meetings, sessions with your dedicated mentor and professional development;
  • are organised, self-motivated and reliable and can be on time for work;
  • are looking to hone communication skills and have productive working relationships with colleagues, peers and those that you work with;
  • want to develop confidence, professional networks and awareness of the career choices available.

What will I get paid?

£xxxxxx per week based on 32 hours/week (£xxxx per month)

You will be paid through a training contract which means that you will not need to pay tax or national insurance over the amount.

Holiday: you will be entitled to pro-rata of 28 days holiday during the 48 week Placement Period

How long is the contract?

The contract is 48 weeks, from 27 January to 31 December 2020

4 days per week with some evenings for network opportunities or events where appropriate

How to apply

You can apply to one of the hubs of your choice online via the online application form

If you would prefer to apply in a different format, or just want a chat prior to applying please e-mail xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hubs you can apply for
Spike Island
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Knowle West Media Centre
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Bristol Museums
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The Guild (Bath)
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At Spike you will be jkhfshgoshvkldvouchoskldjg;ohpjbkjvozd;bzkbzjbl;c
Rife Magazine
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At Rife you will be jkhfshgoshvkldvouchoskldjg;ohpjbkjvozd;bzkbzjbl;c
Creative Youth Network: The Station
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At Spike you will be jkhfshgoshvkldvouchoskldjg;ohpjbkjvozd;bzkbzjbl;c