Expanded Performance

Evolving digital technology offers people new ways to feel, respond to and participate in theatre, music and live performance. In the Expanded Performance Pathfinder, we look at how digital technology can be used to heighten shared experiences, give storytelling more immediacy and emotional resonance, make it more visceral and unique for audiences across time and space.

Artists and audiences need to be closely involved in the development of these new technologies, to make sure performances are enhanced rather than undermined. Through a co-production project, Pathfinder collaborators will investigate how live performance can be extended and augmented by using technology. This might include hologram, motion capture, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, projection mapping, location-based content, augmented and spatial audio, 5G and/or streaming.

We aim to amplify experimental work in Bristol and Bath via the Expanded Performance Pathfinder, supporting festivals, venues and arts programmes by funding co-designed, relevant R+D. We want this Pathfinder to catalyse new productions, performances and products, encouraging further cultural and commercial investment and ticket sales.

Our partners bring together some exciting insight and resources:
The CREATE lab (University of Bath)
Research into spatial cognition in physical and virtual environments; technologies for children; trust, security and identity in online environments
CAMERA (University of Bath)
Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications
Vision Institute (University of Bristol)
Vision research spanning human and animal vision, artificial vision systems, visual information processing and the creative arts
Digital Research Culture Centre (UWE)
An open and collaborative network of critical thinkers and doers who interrogate, articulate and create practical approaches to responsible technological futures
The Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries (Bath Spa)
Research, engagement and discourse surrounding the theoretical, practical and commercial frameworks that embody the arts, media, or creative industries
Brigstow Institute (University of Bristol)
Brigstow brings researchers from different disciplines together with a range of partners across the city and beyond to experiment in new ways of living and being