Knowle West Media Centre

Rethink Remake Re Cycle Square

Knowle West Media Centre is a digital arts charity based in South Bristol, where we support people to make positive changes in their lives and communities, using technology and arts to come up with creative solutions to problems and explore new ways of doing things.

Our digital fabrication space KWMC The Factory is proud to be an Inclusion partner as part of the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Inclusion Programme, and will be investigating sustainable digital placemaking through a process of community co-design and prototyping, incorporating data gathering, skills development and material exploration.

As part of the Bristol+Bath Creative R+D Inclusion Programme, The Factory will be investigating the scale and impact, both locally and globally, of common household waste materials such as paper and plastics. Together with our Factory community and local residents of South Bristol, we'll be unpicking the data behind what we waste, and following a process of creative ‘Design Thinking’, prototyping and making utilising digital tools to co-design and test out sustainable solutions and alternatives.