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Collisions Between Art and Technology

Collisions Between Art and Technology

By Dave Webb from The Studio in Bath

A talk about the role and potential for technology in arts and creative practice, based around some successful and surprising collaborative 'collisions' of my work with technology and artists over the last year, and the benefits of bringing together opposing mindsets and approaches. Projects include: a virtual, remote, shared dance experience, An immersive art piece exploring echo chambers, built IRL and then moved to VR, An exploration of breathing, body and place using apps for shared storytelling, Looking at the use of interactive soft robotics and AI for digital place-making and inclusion.

A Talk exploring these questions:

What can the worlds of art and technology learn from each other? In what ways might collaborations between art and technology deliver interesting and valuable outcomes? How can both worlds invite broader participation and remove barriers to getting involved?

After a year of working as an artist with technology and being the technologist collaborating with other artists, Dave will share some observations and learnings from his own practise and those of others.